Future of newspapers – future of media

There is interesting trend in media going on.

Look at Newsweek and Time magazine. They both changed to more serious publications, longer texts, more opinions, analysis, less color and graphics, less news… So weekly magazines want to be like monthlies.

When you look at monthlies they more and more resemble books, photo albums. They want to be timeless…

And newspapers? Newspapers copy magazines. They’ve been doing it for last few years. Not internet, magazines are primary source of inspiration when it comes to editorial and design ideas. If you ask how newspapers will look in the future, look at old Newsweek.

And who will learn from newspapers? Websites! They need a lesson about presentation, about showing the relevance of a news, importance of a day. Websites must get out of the box named: template design.

So it is a wheel when each and every publication wants to be someone else. Analog media want to be more serious, slower, less newsy. Because they know that news will be digital, on the web or tv.

The way for newspapers is: less news, more knowledge. So we should start making usepapers rather than newspapers.


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