Jacek Utko, designer, based in Warsaw, Poland. Collected more than 40 awards in various design competitions. Two of the newspapers he redesigned were named World’s Best Designed Newspapers by SND. He was speaking at conferences around the world. In 2009 he was a speaker at TED conference in Long Beach. He is design director for Bonnier Business Press International, working for various newspapers, magazines and websites in Scandinavia, Central Europe and Russia. He also works as consultant.

After obtaining an architectural degree, he began his career as an architect. Feeling disappointed, he decided to venture into various fields, including interior design, set design for film production and finally graphic design. He started designing ads, posters, book and magazine covers  as a freelancer. Then slowly focused on newspaper design.

Few years later, he became the art director for Puls Biznesu (a newspaper run by Swedish Bonnier Business Press), and then later advanced as the design director for the whole BBP group for eight Central European countries. Despite working with small newspapers with small staffs and small budgets, he collected dozens awards in various design competitions within a few years.

Two of the papers he redesigned, Poland’s Puls Biznesu and Estonia’s Aripaev, were named “World’s Best Designed Newspaper” by Society for News Design, in the largest international design competition. Puls Biznesu (2004) became the first newspaper in Central Europe receiving such an award. He also received several other SND awards, including designs for front pages, newspaper redesigns, and individual portfolio.

His covers for Puls Biznesu were named ‘Cover of the Year’ in Poland three years in a row. He was a speaker for various seminars, including SND conference. In 2009 he was a speaker at TED conference in Long Beach. Recently he works a lot on web design.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Jacek, ur work really inspires me. You have ignited a new zeal in me to launch my hobby newspaper into a major publication in Toronto, Canada.
    I hope you can design for me one day, at least on a consultative basis. You are the answer the newspaper industry has been seeking. I hope your work transforms the industry. Awesome brilliance! I love it.

  2. hi jacek
    i am really impressed with your work and specially area in which you are concentrating i.e. newspaper.Really challenging.As you said its especially challenging in asian country like India and china.
    I am just curious to know about tools(soft and hard) to design a newspaper like you mentioned eye tracking?How should we decide the priorities?Also how newspapers should balance between revenue generation out of advertisement and good design(which might reduce on revenue)

    I am really curious to get your replies.

    congrats again.


    industrial designer

  3. Amazingly inspiring talk on TED.

    It seems like part of the brilliance of the newspaper redesign was in getting people to stop and notice something that they never noticed before….the design of the newspaper.

    Like your mom said, “Isn’t it just letters?”…it was 🙂 Good work bro

    And, beautiful designs.


  4. Hi Jacek
    This morning i watched your TED talk video, and found it very enjoyable..
    good to start the day with some inspiring mind candy ..and clean visuals, well executed.
    Reason i write, have you got any other work online apart from recent newspapers?
    Be great to see some ya portfolio, maybe some ya freelance stuff.


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