Who is killing newspapers?

1. Editors that write for themselves or their colleagues. Pick exclusive stories over relevant ones. Lost contact with readers and dont try to reestablish it. Ignore readers perception, spend most of a time writing and editing, forgeting about presentation. Working out of habit, giving readers stuff about politics and all other typical though irrelevant topics. Waiting for news to happen, for VIPs to say something stupid.

2. Designers that wants to be artists ignoring storytelling. Caring more about competition entries than readership. Placing photos and graphics only as page composition element. Not reading their paper, not investing into their editorial skills, not being part of editorial planning and discusions.

3. Media managers paralyzed by crisis. Believing that cost cut is the only answer. Being affraid of any change. Knowing how their future car looks like but having no idea about future newsaper. Talking loudly about business models, being silent about the product. Waiting…


4 thoughts on “Who is killing newspapers?

  1. I like your ideas. I actually wish I could discuss some of them with you. I am working in a magazine which is closing down. This week we are making last number. You are really right about who si killing medias. I have a few more points from my own experience. Egoistic self centred leaders who have the potencial to rise a skyscraper in three days and on the forth day they destroy it to the bottom – they kill medias too. You are lucky you met media leaders who trust and listen to others except of themselves too. I really wish to discuss some staff with you – if you find a time and will 😉

  2. what about bad stories, cheap articles and photos; lack of good analysis, lack of journalism in general? Then what about profit, nepotism, marketing; etc? Don’t you think that media owners, marketing managers and stupid journalists have killed the newspapaers long time ago?!?
    This, what is happening in the eastern Europe is just the consequence of late entrance in liberal capitalism and it will take just short period of time to realize that nice looking poster page isn’t art at all, but the way how to manipulate people and make them stupid

    • all you list is true. but its also obvious. bad stories? sure.
      i am not speaking through eastern-western european perspective. the time gap here is really small now.
      and bleieve me or not there is much less manipulation in media than you think. i was inside of some newspapers. most of the stuff you may think is manipulation comes from quite honest lack of perspective or being naive. it’s true most of the time. of course there are exceptions.

  3. i’m a malagasy (from madagascar) student in journalism and communication and i realise a memory about the role of design in newspaper. That really what happens here. But i think the pub kills also news paper. Nowaday, the journal becomes just a support for pub becoz that makes money.So the design depends on pub because you must put the pub first and then after the text and images.

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