New 21st century journalism needed!

Old journalism is dying or died already. Just reporting news in print or even interpret the world is not enough. Simple headline and text can be displayed on any cell phone screen. Why are we so stubborn to continue doing what other media do better? And faster.

Is citizen journalism by in Korea a real 21st journalism? Will it save news and media? Partly yes. But I have another thought.

Why not take advantage of print paper format and do what other media can’t. Tell the story the way that websites, iPhone, tv or radio – just can’t.

What is it?

Creative journalism. Making something out of nothing. Not reporting reality, creating it. Writing about topics people want to read. Helping them to make life decisions, giving them insights.

News section in print? Oh my God, nobody is going to read it soon.
I’ve seen all these headlines yesterday, on the web. I need something different. Added value.

To do it best, we should take advantage of print paper format. Show multi layered, multi angel presentation. Intro, sub stories, many headlines, graphics, boxes, quotes. Use tools to sell story, to inform in a fastest way. Use full spreads. Take advantage of a scale. Something that can’t be shown elsewhere. Only this gives reason for newspapers to survive!


2 thoughts on “New 21st century journalism needed!

  1. Hi Jacek,
    Do you ever accept interns? It would be a dream to study and learn with you. And so, I needed to ask.
    Thank you. You are an inspiration.

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