Front page. My way

Make posters, not just table of newspaper’s content. Break templates, surprise readers, experiment with type, illustration, photo. Push your limits. Educate your readers, and your editors. Write your own headlines. This is your interpretation of reality, yor artistic statement, your platform to communicate with readers. 

Forget ‘magazine style’, go one step further. Find your own style. Only this can make a difference. Only this can bring you real long lasting satisfaction. 

Don’t stop when you think it’s good. Good is not enough. Most of people stop at this point. Don’t follow them, they are losers. Only great is good enough.

Try many versions. Put them all on the wall. Walk around and look. Give yourself time. Make negative selection. Don’t ask anyone for advice. Stick to one or two ideas that resonate.  Develop them. Then pick the final one and spend enough time to master it. Simplify. Eliminate. Clean. Until the moment you no longer want to change any detail. When the feeling of excitement overwhelmes your body. You will know it: It’s like your mind’s orgasm.

3 thoughts on “Front page. My way

  1. Inspirujesz mnie.
    A moge po polsku ?
    Wysluchalam Cie na TEDZIE ( Tadek po polsku..fajnie ) i zapisalam sie w koncu na Graphic Design.
    Ciesze sie, ze tyle mam do czytania dzieki tobie.
    Pozdrawiam, wieszam sie na szyi i jestem dumna ze polska.
    Marta – teraz w USA.

  2. great reading and as im sure u are aware… you are spot on
    i would like to take it further though by reaching out via phone and text to draw the reader in but also have them interact

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